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Kishor Wasan

April 24, 2023


The Top 25 Healthcare Technology Leaders of Vancouver for 2022

Dr. Kishor Wasan
Company: Neglected Global Diseases Initiative, University of British Columbia
Title: Co-Founder and Co-Director

Dr. Kishor Wasan is the Co-Founder with Dr. Bob Hancock and currently the Co-Director (with Dr. Richard Lester) of the Neglected Global Diseases Initiative at the University of British Columbia (NGDI-UBC). Neglected global diseases disproportionately affect the poorest of the global population. NGDI-UBC creates a network to bring together groups interested in making a positive impact and enabling sustained scholarly activity and education in this area. The mission of NGDI-UBC is to develop interventions for neglected global diseases and ensure their delivery to those in need.

Dr. Wasan completed his undergraduate pharmacy education at the University of Texas at Austin, and a PhD in cellular and molecular pharmacology from the University of Texas Medical Centre in Houston. He has been a practicing pharmacist in both the retail and hospital settings and still maintains a pharmacist license from the State of Texas. Dr. Wasan has received more than 25 awards for his contributions to health sciences — including the Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences Leadership award for outstanding contributions to Pharmaceutical Sciences in Canada — and he is a Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences, the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, and the Canadian Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences. Dr. Wasan has published more than 550 peer-reviewed articles and abstracts in the area of lipid-based drug delivery, lipoprotein-drug interactions, and global health.